October 15, 2023

Leading Homebuilder Fractional CMO talks marketing best practices


In the 24th episode of the Alosant Innovator Series, April is joined by Jennifer Cooper from Evolution Marketing.

As Jennifer puts it, "At the end of the day, the primal desire is to find a place to call home. To retreat to." As the landscape changes, and buyers' preferences shift, developers and sellers need to understand the fluidity of the 'American Dream.' Jennifer shares some of her experiences in learning about alternative living arrangements, and how each family has their own version of the 'American Dream.'

Jennifer fell in love with the home building industry as a teenage, obsessed with interior design. Purchasing a home being a major decision, she finds great joy in being a part of that journey with people.

Jennifer partners with top home builders in the country as a Fractional CMO, delivering strategic planning and results-oriented marketing.

Listen to the full episode to learn today’s home marketing best practices, how to best stage a model home, and how the Design Center is still providing value.

Before sharing some wise personal wisdom, Jennifer and April discuss the future of relationships between developers and designers given technological advancements and larger cultural shifts she see in her work as a fractional CMO in the industry.

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