April 29, 2022

How Developers Approach 2022 Smart Home Trends

Grace Madsen

Builder Magazine recently published an article discussing how developers are approaching smart home trends in 2022, which highlights how this year may be crucial for technology.

Gone are the days where outfitting a home with the latest innovations came with an exorbitant price tag. These days, technological advances and upgrades are becoming more attainable for buyers, and they are slowly making their way into new home developments. 

According to Builder, “The most important trend in smart home technology is that it is no longer a trend. Buyers have come to expect new homes to come with upgrades to their networks, and items such as video doorbells and automatic home locks aren’t seen as futuristic innovations any longer.” 

So what types of innovations are builders considering in 2022? 

Better Wi-Fi

Builder states there is a focus on quality network connections to meet the increasing needs of individuals working from home and virtual learning. Builders are looking at 5G networks as one possible solution.

Healthier Homes

Spurred by the pandemic, there is a demand for built-in products that promote a healthier home, such as tech innovations that can disperse antimicrobial sealant on surfaces to protect against bacteria, mold and mildew.

Out-Of-The-Box Innovations

Some new innovations have a futuristic feel, such as a drone that can fly around a home to look for intruders or a walking robot shelf that can follow homeowners from room to room. 

As the housing market continues to boom, there are sure to be new developments in smart home technology well into 2022 and beyond. While innovations may differ from market to market, the focus is on incorporating technological advances that are not only innovative, but also easy to use, secure and interoperable so various in-home smart technology features can exchange information. 

Read the full article about how builders are approaching smart home trends in 2022

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