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Alosant ResX™ Platform utilizes products built with dynamic and interchangeable features. Communicate effectively with residents, showcase opportunities for home shoppers, enable operations, and more- right from the palm of your hand.
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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Events Hub

Promote, prioritize, and manage community events within the Alosant ResX Platform. Allow reservations for events, engage with residents through unique communication vehicles, accept payments using AlosantPay™, and enhance your community lifestyle experience.
Standard Event

A Standard Event doesn’t require payment, reservation, or a maximum capacity. Plan Standard Events like weekly trivia or open yoga in the park using communication features like Curated Lists and Call/Text/Email Buttons.

Controlled Event

A Controlled Event requires a reservation without payment. Imagine you plan the annual community casino night and the venue space only allows 200 people. Require a resident to reserve ahead of time and communicate with them using Controlled Event features. Automate processes like Reservation Types, Limits & Capacities, and Waitlists to create a final reservation list.

Ticketed Event

A Ticketed Event uses payment features to collect money and keep track of a payment. Imagine you arrange the community concert and tickets sell for $15 adult and $8 child. Ticketed Event combines AlosantPayTM with intuitive features like customized Price, automatic Refund, and Transaction Log to support your planning.

Conditional Event

Conditional Event features provide automated ways for you to collect resident details and connect responses to their reservation. If you plan a week-long swim camp for children utilize features like Waivers and Dynamic Fillable forms for effortless organization.

Age Restricted Event

An Age Restricted Event requires residents reserving for an event to meet a certain age minimum and maximum. Events like 21+ wine Wednesday at the Clubhouse, a 12 and under swimming lesson at the pool, or 55+ dance night can be managed efficiently with Age Restricted Event features.

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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Places Hub

Manage community spaces and amenities through capacity limitations, reservation requirements, payment options, and more. The Places Hub employs a variety of functionality for structured community accessibility for both you and your residents.
Standard Place

A Standard Place requires no payment or reservation and brings together interchangeable features like Curated Lists, Directions, Hours of Operation, and Call/Text/Email Buttons. Provide a resident with information about your community pool or clubhouse with Standard Place features.

Reservable Place

A Reservable Place provides the option to reserve an amenity like a tennis court or picnic shelter without collecting an associated payment for use. Use automated features like Timetables, Amenity Pass, and Dynamic Fillable Forms and allow residents to self-manage their reservations.

Fee for Use Place

Open your new community spa with a Fee for Use Place. Handle everything within the Alosant ResX Admin by integrating control and processing features with AlosantPay. Dynamic Reservations, Processing Payment & Refund, and Excluded User Roles are some of the available features.

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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Activation Hub

Welcoming a new resident and showcasing what your community offers prospective homebuyers has never been easier. Curate content based on User Roles, utilize Integrations, send automated Welcome Emails and oversee access requests via the Alosant ResX Admin.
Standard Activation

Standard Activation uses community branding and automated features like Sign-Up Forms and Welcome Emails for easy onboarding of new community residents.

Automated Activation

Efficiently manage resident access throughout the lifetime of your community branded app. Use Dynamic Fillable Forms, Address Verification, and Integration features to enhance the activation experience.

Family Profiles

Family Profile features allow you to link Family Member Profiles together by associating them with an existing User Role. A parent is able to sign up their child for a summer camp and the child's information and reservation is easily available within the Alosant ResX™ Admin.

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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Alosant Azul Hub

Connect it all and never worry about losing your fob again with Alosant Azul™. One credential for your guests, prospects, and residents to utilize a smartphone instead of a fob. Alosant Access Connector™ & Mobile ID Credential™ are embedded within the Alosant ResX platform and mobilize your current access control system to better understand and unite individuals in your community.
Access Connector

The Alosant Access Connector provides a seamless hardware integration with your existing access control system. Future-proof your existing access control system by providing hands-free and loss-free convenience for your residents. Community managers gain efficiency with direct integration into the Alosant ResX platform for automated issue-and-revoke of mobile credential access for space reservations and guests.

Mobile ID Credential

The Mobile ID Credential allows guests and residents the convenience of a mobile identification credential to digitally check-in with community staff at monitored spaces like the clubhouse front desk or fitness center. The Mobile ID Credential is dynamic and connected directly into the Alosant ResX platform, allowing community staff to understand usage patterns for each space and revoke entry for a resident who is fee-delinquent or in violation of community policies.

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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Communication Hub

Alosant ResX™ Platform provides a branded channel to communicate with your community. Targeted push notifications, in-app announcements, and email newsletters allow timely information to reach the right people using multiple channels.

Newsletters allow you to send community updates about upcoming events, local business specials, amenity closures, and more. The Alosant ResX platform includes full email marketing and analytics to streamline your communication efforts.

Resident Management

Track and manage information and relationships with residents, prospects, and guests within your Alosant ResX Admin. Share HOA documents, view resident app activity, and search resident information with the Resident Management features.

Resident Alert

A Resident Alert uses automated communication features to send important messages to a resident via Push Notification or Announcement.

Branded Experience

Bring your community together in one place within a branded, native mobile Apple and Android app. Clear branding ensures residents and future home buyers receive a succinct and engaging experience from the start of their journey with your community.

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Acorn Square Farmers Market EventAcorn Square Acorn Hill Playground

Marketplace Hub

Include retailers, builders, and service providers in your community branded app. Allow businesses and builders to manage their in-app presence, communicate with a preferred customer list, and promote happenings relevant to their business.
Retail Customer Conversion

Connect community residents to Business & Service Profiles by utilizing conversion tools like Email Marketing and Followers to build awareness.

Builder Profile

Engage with home buyers through a Builder Profile. Utilize Augmented Reality Visual Search to provide inventory and model home data in real-time during an on-site visit. Display model home information, provide contact details or make Appointments & Requests within a Builder Profile.

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