Alosant Success Stories
Communication Hub increases resident engagement.

Blue Ridge Mountain Club

BRMC prides itself on providing a customized lifestyle for families with a wide array of adventure, recreation, and relaxation options. It’s paramount for the community to ensure residents are in the know when it comes to their unique opportunities. The BRMC Life App serves as the communication vehicle to connect everyone, all in one place.
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The Situation

With picturesque views of the sapphire blue mountain ridgelines, the natural beauty creates the perfect playground for BRMC residents. As a lifestyle-rich community that integrates the surrounding nature into the forefront of all they do, the BRMC team knew it was important to provide clear communication to residents. With limited channels to get information out to residents efficiently, BRMC needed a way to ensure residents were kept engaged.

The Solution

The BRMC team understood the value an Alosant-powered community app would provide because of the features available within the Communication Hub. In their POA in-app menu, BRMC keeps residents informed with community updates. Included in the menu is the weekly newsletter sent via email through the BRMC Life App. A push notification follows each newsletter to create a succinct information funnel.

Their Results

BRMC now maintains over 8,000 screen views per month since implementing menus, newsletters, and push notifications consistently over time. Residents have a known source of information through the BRMC Life App.