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January 4, 2022

Engage Residents and Activate Community Experiences

A master-planned community is more than just a collection of homes and amenities: it’s a lifestyle.

Insight: We are continually improving and developing features for the Alosant ResX™ platform to better serve developers and residents. One such feature is the new Event Hub. It is one of the most powerful components of the Alosant ResX™ platform because it helps you promote your community and all that is has to offer.

A master-planned community is more than just a collection of homes and amenities: it’s a lifestyle. The events and activities you provide are just as valuable as the clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts. Residents want meaningful experiences and the best way to plan and promote these programs is through the Event Hub. I consider it the activation engine that gets residents involved within our Alosant-powered app.

Let’s explore some ways you can tap into Event Hub to better engage residents and enhance their experience:

Promote Programs: From weekly yoga in the park to the annual Halloween costume contest, Event Hub allows you to “set it and forget it” – simply enter the details, date(s), and time(s) and the event will instantly display in the app. It’s truly a seamless process to input and upload information.

  • Event Formats allows you to differentiate events as Regular, Recurring, Family, or Multi-day, providing the right layout, no matter the occasion. This feature allows residents to instantly recognize if the event is something special, like a July 4th Parade, or part of your regular program schedule, such as a Friday Farmers Market.
  • The Minimum/Maximum Age Restriction feature allows you to regulate the age of attendees for an event. For instance, a bartending class could be limited strictly to residents over the age of 21, while a puppet show could be set to children under the age of 10.

Personalized Plans: Distinctive features built into your branded lifestyle app ensure homeowners feel like an integral part of the community.

  • The “Like” to Home Feed allows residents to curate their own community calendars. By clicking the heart icon within an event, they can keep personalized interests front and center on their Home Feed.
  • Automated Resident Group intuitively enables in-app behavior to associate residents with others who are interested in the same activities, such as Pilates classes. A Resident Group is automatically created, and members are sent targeted Push Notifications, emails, and Newsletters about similar program offerings.

Capacity Control: Through the Event Hub, residents can RSVP for an event with just a click of a button. No need to stop by the community center or call ahead.

  • Waitlist is auto enabled once an event reaches capacity. When a spot opens, the resident at the top of the waitlist is automatically moved to the confirmed reservation list and notified by email.
  • Reservation Types allow you to open events to different categories of people like adults, children, or parties, and track who is attending. This can provide valuable information when trying to best organize an event.

Clear Communications: The Event Hub is a dynamic communications tool.

  • Email Confirmations are auto generated whenever a resident reserves an event. To avoid no-shows, you can create an Email Reminder that sends at the top of the hour before an upcoming event.
  • An automated event Cancellation Email Notification is generated if a reservation has been cancelled because it violates an age restriction, such as a young adult trying to register for a 55+ bridge club.

Improved Record Keeping: The Event Hub also allows you to manage – and many times eliminate –paperwork and excessive bookkeeping.

  • Ticketed Event uses payment features to track and collect money for concerts, seasonal events and more. Ticketed Event combines AlosantPay™ with intuitive features like customized Price options, automatic Refund capabilities, and a Transaction Log to support your planning.
  • You can collect resident details and connect responses to a reservation using the Dynamic Fillable Forms feature. It transfers responses through a workflow to create a PDF that is automatically shared with community administration and residents.

Conclusion: The Alosant Event Hub takes the hassle out of event planning and streamlines the entire promotion and reservation process. It’s an invaluable tool for community managers looking for innovative ways to engage residents and prospective homeowners. Additionally, it puts the power (literally and figuratively) in residents’ hands to see what’s going on in their neighborhood and take full advantage of all the activities the community offers.

Contact us to learn more about the Alosant Event Hub and its numerous benefits.