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Resident Business Directory activates community commercial district.


Offering “something for everyone”, Woodforest has over 5,500 single-family homes in addition to an active adult community with over 700 homes. With a community as robust as theirs, it's easy to see why they needed a way to bring everything together in one place through the Woodforest App.
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The Situation

An active community with a thriving commercial district, Woodforest offers plenty of opportunities for resident businesses to thrive. It was important to Woodforest Admin to showcase resident businesses but they lacked a sustainable way to ensure information was up-to-date and distributed properly. Before the Woodforest App, they collected any resident business information into a PDF document shared with the community.

The Solution

The Woodforest App brings together resident businesses in a succinct library known as the Resident Business Directory. Organized by category, the Resident Business Directory is its own menu in the app with individual business pages throughout. Each page incorporates interactive buttons to access business websites, contact information, social media handles, and more.

Their Results

The Resident Business Directory is a great success with over 200 resident businesses within the Woodforest App. There are over 20 different categories for the community to explore and support their neighbors like technology, legal, and animal care.