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Heritage Life App facilitates multiple 100+ resident garage sales.

Heritage HOA

Like many communities across the nation, Heritage HOA encountered difficulties collecting information for the variety of events hosted each month. The Heritage Life App now serves as a mainstay within the community by providing the proper channels to streamline event planning for the biannual garage sale and more.
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The Situation

Located in North Fort Worth, Heritage offers a myriad of shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle events. A popular community event includes their biannual garage sale. With over 3,200 homes there are plenty of opportunities for residents to pick up some retro furniture or a killer pair of shoes from their neighbors. For the Heritage Admin, this event proved to be a massive task. Planning included taking garage sale submissions via email or phone leading up to the multi-day event. They sincerely need a more cohesive way to continue providing this keystone event as Heritage HOA grew. 

The Solution

The Heritage Life App proved to be the perfect solution to their garage sale growth. Utilizing an in-app workflow to collect submissions, pages are created for each resident hosting a sale. The resident page includes open hours, items for sale, and any additional information they found helpful. Neighbors are then able to go into the Heritage HOA Garage Sale menu in the app and search through all of the listings for certain items or addresses.

Their Results

Participation in the Heritage HOA Garage Sale skyrocketed with over 100 residents signing up. Since its launch, Heritage HOA has now had three successful garage sales facilitated through the Heritage Life App.