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Standard Activation

In this Alosant™ Product Highlight, we cover the features of a Standard Activation.

The Standard Activation product uses community Branding and automated features for easy onboarding of a new resident to your community.


To highlight the most commonly used features for Standard Activation, we split them up into four simple sections.

  1. Scenario
  2. Solution
  3. How You Set it Up
  4. How it Works for Your Resident

Scenario: Make your community accessible on every resident smartphone.


Brand your community app to create a unique and personal experience. Use community logos and brand colors to customize the app store icon, description, and more.

  • How You Set it Up: Your Alosant Customer Success Manager will provide clear directions on assets and steps needed to brand your community app.

Scenario: Introduce a new resident into the community.

Welcome Email

Automated email sent with resident login credentials.

  • How You Set it Up: Customize the Signup invitation within settings.
  • How it Works: Resident receives an email with links to download your community app and login credentials.

Scenario: Allow a new resident access to your community app.

Sign Up Form

Authorize access to your community app.

  • How You Set it Up: Confirm or deny access to your community app within the users menu under the token column.
  • How it Works: Resident requests app access and completes the information form. An approved resident receives a Confirmation Email with username and password.

Scenario: Curate content access based on resident status within the community.

Excluded User Roles

Designate who cannot see a Custom Menu.

  • How You Set it Up: View a pending User Role and assign roles accordingly to show or hide information for different resident groups in your community.
  • How it Works: Custom Menus remain hidden from the community app.

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