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Resident Management

In this Alosantâ„¢ Product Highlight, we talk about the features used with Resident Management.

Track and manage information and relationships with residents, prospects, and guests within your Alosant ResX Admin. Share HOA documents, view resident app activity, and search resident information with the Resident Management features.


To highlight the most commonly used features for Resident Management, we split them up into four simple sections.

  1. Scenario
  2. Solution
  3. How You Set it Up
  4. How it Works for Your Resident

Scenario: Find contact information for a resident in your community.

Resident Profiles

Record resident information using custom fields and templates to ensure resident details are compiled in one place.

  • How You Set it Up: Work with an Alosant Customer Success Manager during the onboarding process to set up Resident Profiles, custom fields, and templates.
  • How it Works: Resident information is up-to-date within the Alosant ResX Admin.

Scenario: Allow resident access to important HOA documents within your community app.

HOA Document Library

Store and maintain HOA documents and PDFs in a searchable library for residents and community staff.

  • How You Set it Up: Create a smart button with the file download function. Upload your documents and add the button within your HOA Custom Menu. Use further smart buttons to categorize and make it searchable.
  • How it Works: Resident clicks on the smart button within the library to open the file. They save the file to their device by selecting download. Search and filter documents via Custom Menus.

Scenario: View a searchable live stream of resident activity.

Activity Feed

Automatically display resident information for community staff as a resident engages with the app and your spaces. Filter by dates, user, and type of activity.

  • How You Set it Up: Auto-display resident information via the Alosant ResX Admin view on the home dashboard for community staff.

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