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Resident Alert

Hello! In this Alosant™ Product Highlight, we cover the features utilized with a Resident Alert.

A Resident Alert uses automated communication features to send important messages to a resident via Push Notification or Announcement. Push Notification is an interactive tool that lets you choose the target audience and customize where a resident is taken when the Push Notification is clicked. Use Push Notification during an emergency, last-minute event change, or as a friendly reminder. The Announcement feature alerts residents of urgent matters as soon as they open the app to ensure no one misses the most important details.


To highlight the most commonly used features for a Resident Alert, we split them up into four simple sections.

  1. Scenario
  2. Solution
  3. How You Set it Up
  4. How it Works for Your Resident

Scenario: Remind a resident to purchase their ticket for the upcoming rodeo.

Push Notification

Send important, targeted information to a resident smartphone.

  • How You Set it Up: Create a Push Notification and input the text you want your resident to receive in notification text. Select the Resident Group you want the Push Notification sent to or the entire community. Customize the push notification to open up a page within the app or a URL.
  • How it Works: Resident views a Push Notification delivered to their device home screen and in the notification center.

Scenario: Notify a resident that a road will be closed for repaving.


Customize targeted alerts to display on the Home Feed of your community app.

  • How You Set it Up: Create an Announcement and add the title and text you’d like your resident to see. Set the Trigger action to open for a specific Resident Group.
  • How it Works: Resident views an Announcement on the bottom of the home feed within the app. Announcements can be pulled up into full view for more information.

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