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In this Alosant™ Product Highlight, we dive into features utilized for a Newsletter.

The Alosant ResX platform includes full email marketing and analytics to streamline your communication efforts. Newsletters allow you to send community updates about upcoming events, local business specials, amenity closures, and more.


To highlight the most commonly used features for a Newsletter, we split them up into four simple sections.

  1. Scenario
  2. Solution
  3. How You Set it Up
  4. How it Works for Your Resident

Scenario: Showcase upcoming community events.

Email Marketing

Send customized, targeted emails to a resident.

  • How You Set it Up: Work with an Alosant Customer Success Manager to set up a template for future email communication.
  • How it Works: Resident receives an email to the associated email address within their Resident Profile.

Scenario: Better understand the effectiveness of your email marketing to your residents.

Email Analytics

View a full suite of analytic data from resident emails including recipients, opens, and clicks by a resident.

  • How You Set it Up: View Email Analytics for delivered emails within the Newsletters product.

Scenario: Invite a resident interested in pilates to a special event.

Resident Group List

In-app behavior associates a resident to those with similar interests to create a Resident Group List to be used as your email distribution list.

  • How You Set it Up: Select a Resident Group List within user roles.
  • How it Works: Resident receives relevant targeted communication via email.

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