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Family Profiles

Welcome to Alosant™ Product Highlight! In this article, we explore features utilized with Family Profiles.

Family Profile features allows you to link Family Member Profiles together by associating them with an existing User Role. A parent is able to sign up their child for a summer camp and the child's information and reservation is easily available within the Alosant ResX™ Admin.


To highlight the most commonly used features for a Family Profile, we split them up into four simple sections

  1. Scenario
  2. Solution
  3. How You Set it Up
  4. How it Works for Your Resident

Scenario: Understand who is in the same household.

Family Member Profiles

Create a profile for each person of a household and connect them within one Family Profile.

  • How You Set it Up: Create a new Family Profile and add the family member’s first name, last name, and date of birth.

Scenario: Tie together a family of five to allow adults with User Profiles the ability to reserve their children for an event.

Linked Accounts

Link resident User Profiles to Family Member Profiles within the Alosant ResX Admin.

  • How You Set it Up: Select linked accounts within a User Profile to search for and add associated Family Member Profiles.
  • How it Works: Resident reserves for family members whose Family Member Profile is linked to their User Role.

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