August 31, 2022

The Ultimate in Luxury, Meets the Ultimate in Technology

April LaMon

As if connecting members with a full array of offerings, whether summer or winter, with the click of an app weren’t enough, Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana, just raised the bar on convenience and service for its members by installing the Alosant Access Connector™ system across its entire community. 


With end-to-end access control and over 25 access points, the system now provides a complete functional solution from beginning to end. Together with installation partner SAV Digital Environments, Alosant was able to achieve seamless hardware integration with Moonlight Basin’s existing access control system, SALTO. 


"Collaborating with Alosant on the integration of Moonlight Basin's access control system allowed us to simplify everyday experiences and make life more efficient and convenient for its members without having to remove and replace its existing system," said Chris South, SAV Digital Environments, Security Manager.


The forward-thinking technology provides residents with easy access to dozens of amenity spaces; eliminates the need for printed key cards by utilizing a smartphone as the primary key for entering club spaces; and provides dynamic access that allows residents to self-manage reservations for shared spaces and enables family and guest access.


Moonlight Basin is a vast and treasured landscape that extends from Lone Peak down towards the Madison River Valley, with majestic scenery as far as the eye can see. Located within 19,000 pristine acres, the Moonlight community provides an unmatched experience centered around the love for the great outdoors and boasts a private membership club providing distinctive luxury homes, extraordinary hospitality and unparalleled amenities, including the latest in technology.


In addition to offering easy access and serving as an invaluable resource, Moonlight Basin’s branded app offers members a deep sense of belonging and connection to their club community. Whether it is tailoring each user’s home feed content using behavioral personalization technology or quickly connecting them to a member of the Member Services Team to make reservations in real-time, the branded app ignites a sense of attachment to the community in which they live. 


“With a 98% adoption rate of our branded app, we have simultaneously strengthened the relationship with our valued members while future-proofing our access control system,” said Mike Wilcynski, Moonlight Basin, General Manager. “Alosant has helped us highlight all of the wonderful amenities available to our members and has become an integral part of sharing the Moonlight Basin lifestyle.” 


Alosant is proud to partner with Moonlight Basin, where the ultimate in luxury now meets the ultimate in technology.

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