August 27, 2023

Ivory Innovations spurs housing affordability solutions

April LaMon

In the 21st episode of the Alosant Innovators Series, April LaMon speaks with Jenna Louie, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at Ivory Innovations.

Ivory Innovations seeks to promote the most compelling ideas in housing affordability by working across sectors, providing monetary awards for groundbreaking innovations and leveraging its network and resources. The organization seeks to find and boost the profiles of innovative housing entrepreneurs, and to bring their ideas into the mainstream.

Jenna has worked an enriching career furthering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion across multiple industries. She has found a home, and a passion, working to increase housing affordability with Ivory Innovations.

April and Jenna discuss all of the key initiatives that Ivory Innovations focuses on. Topics include:

  • Engaging students & interns to create passion for housing affordability in future generations
  • The Ivory Prize: a prize given to various innovative entrepreneurs and businesses with revolutionary housing ideas
  • Providing Education resources to developers
  • Past Ivory Prize Winners and what they've already contributed

This episode is full of insights and tips regarding how developers can strive to close some housing gaps and create a more equitable and inclusive housing environment in our communities.

Jenna encourages listeners to utilize the innovation database on their website which contains the collection of innovative ideas and businesses from applicants who have participated in the Ivory Prize competition over the years. You can find it at

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