December 23, 2021

Alosant: Reflecting, Igniting, and Powering Through to 2022


Insight: When looking ahead, I often take time to reflect on the past. 2021 was a landmark year for Alosant and I am beyond proud of what we’ve accomplished. Our original vision was one app, one community, but through investments in technology, an unwavering commitment to creating a valuable user experience and the trust of our clients, we have evolved, innovated and elevated the Alosant ResX™ community branded app platform.


With a broader geographic footprint, new purpose-driven technology and new alliances leading us into 2022, we are poised for expansive growth. Our mission, however, remains steadfast—to provide branded apps for lifestyle-rich communities that serve as the ignition switch to bring all other amenities to life.  


2021 highlights at-a-glance:


Investments In Technology—

This year, we launched Alosant Azul, our new purpose-driven technology integration system that allows residents to use their smartphone to easily unlock doors or access amenities like the pool area, gym or clubhouse, using our proprietary Access Connector. On average residents use their community app at least once a week. We expect that to easily double at properties that invest in Alosant Azul. The desire to have everything in one place is commonplace with residents these days and the antiquated fob door entry system is a pain point Alosant Azul conveniently solves.


Portfolio Apps have been a major focus for us in 2021 as well. There’s been a new-found interest from developers and property management companies to build their brand around their collection of communities. With technological advancements to our features and functionality, we now create portfolio apps so that one single app can support a portfolio of locations. This year our growth was driven, in part, by new and existing national and regional developers, our first Canadian client and our first Property Management client—all with multiple locations.


Improving the End-User Experience—

Improving the end-user experience is something we’re always striving to advance. This year, we studied how people are using the app and tested ways we can make that experience more friction free. In 2022, all Alosant-powered apps will feature a refreshed interface and a more welcoming and refined login experience.


Additionally, Alosant will be rolling out new mapping features that will help users identify where they are in a community relative to where they want to go. This new mapping feature allows new communities to overlay their home lot plan and future amenity center locations over a Google Map. Users can expand or contract the map to easily identify their location. 



The Alosant ResX™ community branded app platform is the amenity that brings all other amenities to life. Over the past three years, we built the foundation and then acquired the industry knowledge and market awareness to know we are providing more than just an app with high adoption rates. We are creating a broader sense of cohesion and community. We are providing an effective communication strategy that engages and notifies residents. We are helping to distinguish and differentiate communities. And we are offering the #1 intergenerational amenity that brings residents and prospects one click closer to having an incomparable lifestyle experience. We believe offering a branded app is now just as important to a master-planned community as providing WiFi access.


We are proud to have earned the right to be the trusted technology partner for over 65 of the fastest growing and most progressive master-planned communities across the country and beyond. And I am confident this is just the start.


To learn more about Alosant, visit or find us on LinkedIn.

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